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Project Ideas

The Challenge gave young people over a month to fine-tune their project ideas, after which the 47 project pitches faced the public vote.


We have four categories to which project videos have been submitted:


Support for Young Climate Pact Ambassadors
Young Climate Ambassadors play a critical role in inspiring more people to get on board, step up their climate actions and become Climate Pact Ambassadors.


Stepping up individual climate action
The Pact aims to encourage everyone to make climate action pledges, in part through establishing partnerships with youth organisations to attract young people’s attention to the environment and climate issues.


Stepping up youth involvement in climate policy
It is critical that all voices are heard in policymaking discussions. A key aim of the Pact is to provide opportunities for young people to discuss climate issues with leading decision-makers.


Education for climate action
How can young people learn and help others to learn about climate change? The Pact aims to encourage young people and educators to get involved in taking action on climate.


Workshops – Take action to bring your idea to life

Various workshops addressed the practical implementation of the projects under the theme Take action to bring your idea to life! Young people had the opportunity to take part in workshops covering themes such as fundraising and finance, strategy and project design and communication and campaigning.

Watch the workshops: