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About the Climate Pact Community

The Climate Pact Community Hub provides a space for people across all walks of life to connect, develop and implement climate solutions, big and small, by sharing ideas and best practices with each other. Our Community Hub is an online platform where we bring mobilised parties together – for connection and networking between likeminded people.

If you are an Ambassador or part of our Youth Engagement initiative, please create an account or log in.

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By using the Community Hub you are expected to engage with other parties in line with the following principles:

  • Respect: Please bear in mind that you face others who also want to contribute to a respectful way of communication. So, advocate and argue for your views, but also respect others' opinions. Hate-speech, racist, sexist or other indictable content is not acceptable and will lead to exclusion from the community and elimination of posts. 
  • Relevance: Before posting, please ensure that your input contributes to the topic in discussion and avoid redundant content.  
  • Clear language: To avoid misunderstandings post your views in a clear and unambiguous way and avoid sarcasm and irony. 
  • Extent and frequency of posts: Let others also have their voice and avoid dominating others by posting too long and too often. Bear in mind that short and concise contributions gain the most attention. 
  • Sources and advertising: In order to render the content transparent, please cite appropriately and post helpful links. Abstain from posting advertising, this content will be removed by the moderators. 

Please be aware that the Pact Secretariat reserves the right to hide or remove any posts or content that does not follow these principles.  

If you have any questions or queries, please contact us.